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Teodoro Loves ILLC By Rica Bolipata-Santos

Teodoro began school quite early, just a few days after he turned 2 years old. We had not intended to put him to school early but we thought that his lack of verbal skills and play skills was because we were boring parents. This isn’t a joke, funnily enough. It was a summer class, and like a story all familiar to you, the School Director put me aside on the last day of class to let me know that she thought it best if I had Teodoro checked for developmental delay. “Early intervention is key, Mommy,” she seriously intoned to me. So Teodoro, or Teej, as he is fondly called, was placed in the school system and began therapy right away. Even from the get-go, he never “succeeded” in school, or in therapy. Year after year, in spite the different permutations and variations, he was just never happy. The schools, together with his family, would constantly meet and adjust and adapt, but Teodoro just wouldn’t thrive no matter how creative we were and no matter how well meaning we all were. Finally, when he was 12, and it had become impossible to physically force him to go to school, we just stopped. We call these years our dark ages. Unhappy in school, Teodoro didn’t seem any happier at home. He had periods of happiness, far longer, of course with this new set-up, but it was a tenuous position and we lived in this kind of uncertainty until finding ILLC. Today, in what could only be called a Miracle story, Teodoro is not only thriving in ILLC, he is happy. And we all know how elusive that word can be to parents like us. Teodoro absolutely loves school. His vocabulary has grown, his social skills are wider, and his days are full of stories of his teachers and classmates. Every day he faces so many challenges but he faces them all because he wants to make his teachers proud. I don’t mind as his mother, because I am grateful that Teej has many mothers and many fathers to spare.



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The Independent Living Learning Centre, established in July 2003, caters to the need of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental conditions. The aim has been to promote the students optimum level of independence and quality of life. By maximizing their ability for self - sufficiency in the domains of self care, education, social interaction, work and recreation. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community setting to help generalize learning.

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