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My Family's ILLC Experience

Finding a school for Aingee when she turned 11 was a challenge. Since she was two, Aingee has been attending special schools for little kids, focused on learning basic academic and social skills. While these were very important and contributed much to who Aingee is today, continuing in such an environment was no longer ideal for her. Aingee needed a school that will focus on helping her develop her life skills. School shopping is never easy. There are close to a hundred things that must be considered, from the curriculum and teaching methods to security and availability of a parking lot/waiting area for drivers and caregivers. We went to several schools recommended by well-meaning friends. We narrowed down our choices until we came down to ILLC. ILLC provides Aingee with opportunities to help her cope with the simple requirements in her life. Aside from the structured learning experiences, ILLC allows Aingee to experience daily life routines and activities from grocery shopping to trips to the dentists and little indulgences in life like swimming and going to the movies. The JRP helps Aingee understand the value of work and provides her with an appreciation of how it is to work with others, in an environment that is safe, allowing her to learn from her mistakes. Aingee is now 16 and we can say, ILLC has definitely helped her a lot to cope with her autism and adapt to daily requirements of her simple life.

Testimony By: Lorna Umali


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The Independent Living Learning Centre, established in July 2003, caters to the need of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental conditions. The aim has been to promote the students optimum level of independence and quality of life. By maximizing their ability for self - sufficiency in the domains of self care, education, social interaction, work and recreation. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community setting to help generalize learning.

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