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Our Beautiful FIRST… By: Vanessa Urtola

It is such a fulfillment for a parent to see her child grow maturely and independently in a very short period of time. A dream come true for us to see our own kid performing in front of an audience, showing her talent that we thought cannot be seen by others aside from us. Allow us to share our “Beautiful Firsts” to you: - First time we witnessed how Sophie reads and writes with minimal instructions given. - First time we experienced that there are so many people working hard for special kids like our daughter. - First time we attended a school activity watching the program not knowing that we are already crying. - First time that we felt inspired with the people working for others especially the teachers. - First time we saw our daughter performing live in front of an audience with so much joy in her eyes. - First time we experienced how teachers and colleagues joined their students perform. - Above all, our dream for Sophie to sing came into reality which we appreciate so much. From our family to the ILLC Family: Thank you so much for an excellent job you’re extending to our daughter. Thank you so much for the care, understanding, patience and especially for the LOVE. ILLC, you are God’s gift to all of us. You give light and hope that when we retire, there’s a bright future for our kids. ILLC, you really are a living testament of your vision. KUDOS TO ILLC! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!




Our ILLC Experience By: Ianna Marie Serrano

When we started looking for alternatives to traditional schools, we were so pleased to have found ILLC. It allows children the opportunity to learn through experiencing the world around them, versus solely through textbooks and lectures. It focuses on experiential learning and life skills which is a perfect fit for my son diagnosed with ASD. Leisure and Recreation, Pre-Vocational Skills, Values, Community Living are just a taste of the integrated and flexible nature of their curriculum. Finn's love of learning continues to be nurtured here. ILLC is an unbelievable learning environment for kids that promote creative movement, and have amazing performances in events like the Valentine’s Ball. The Friendship Cup, and CL Field Trips help build personality traits and character in our child that we believe will take him far. My son is currently in his first year here and is thriving emotionally and physically. He learns to perform with confidence, manage his school works, advocate for himself, develop a love for singing and be a leader. This is over and above the strong academic environment which will set him up for success. Like any school, it is not for everyone, but we have found an incredible community of students, educators and families that we are so grateful for here. We love the teachers. They challenge, encourage, support and love my child. With all that, your child will surely take a sense of self and community, respect and passion for education.




Our ILLC Experience By: Anna Kison

Seeing my son Patrick, better known in school as "PK," performing at the Valentine's Ball was a beautiful revelation and surprise for me and his dad. We never knew our son could sing, and with so much passion and concentration! And, we're even more surprised now that he's part of the school band, practicing for their forthcoming performances. His gifts continue to unravel, we are very happy and look forward to him developing to his best potential. Joining ILLC just this school year, we have seen our son evolve into a joyful boy, eager to go to school every day. Patrick is slowly coming out of his shell, this we believe is indicative of how ILLC values the development of our special child. The school's focus on discovering his hidden gifts and empowering him with skills so he can be independent when he’s older is highly comforting. I hope ILLC perseveres in its mission to bring hope and give special children a chance to be integrated into society so they can live productive, happy lives.




Our ILLC Experience By: Cristina Luzon

They say, “A mother understands what a child does not say.” Thanks to an old friend who recommended ILLC when he learned that I was looking for a school appropriate for my six-year-old daughter’s special condition, I found ILLC. When my daughter was officially enrolled in ILLC’s K2 Class Orchid, that was when I began to recognize all my friend’s wonderful words about this school. Sir Archie, aside from his very good looks, has a big heart and never stops revolutionizing the school’s programs for the students’ well-being. This is his passion, I believe. Admin staff members are dependable and accommodating. Ates and kuyas are helpful and very reliable. Teachers are consistently inspiring and extremely caring. I’ve also seen all the activities aimed for all the students to develop their confidence and to learn to trust their own interests and abilities. As a mother, I am blessed not only because I found a second home for my child but a support group through their teachers who never failed to keep me posted with my daughter’s activities and progress, and new friends through co-parents who share the same experiences in living a challenging but fulfilling life with special angels like ours. I am inspired. ILLC gives countless attention and well-deserved educational experiences to these precious children. Kudos to our ILLC Family! Thank you for being my partner in my child’s journey.




Our ILLC Experience By: Sally Sy

When Patrick and I arrived at the Dominican College Gymnasium, we were just in time for the parade. Patrick looked exotic in his native Igorot costume complete with his native headpiece. His team showcased their team spirit through cheer dancing. Moving forward to the sports events, I was fascinated by the camaraderie and skills exhibited by the student body. Patrick and his team ended up with 3 medals---one each for swimming, hamster wheel and MATHink. I am proud of his team’s achievements.  Here’s to hoping next year would be another experience like no other!        The Valentine’s Ball was held in Crowne Plaza.  The venue was grand! Patrick could not contain his excitement!  Everyone truly looked dazzling and elegant during the event. Not only that, but it was his sister’s first time to accompany him to the ball. The venue was well adorned with various celestial decoration pieces.  I was awestruck with the dancing and singing prowess of some of the students. God-given talents, really! What a joy to watch!  Seeing the Valentine’s couples made me realize that my son is already a fully-grown gentleman, ready to contribute to the world in his own special way.  




Our ILLC Experience By: Ana Ente

ILLC takes care of our daughter beyond our expectation. Starting from the assisting kuyas at the school entrance, to the school admin personnel, up to the very energetic and creative teachers, we are so grateful to everybody in the school. Our daughter loves this school so much. We are thankful because she’s always excited to go to school to study. Thank you!




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The Independent Living Learning Centre, established in July 2003, caters to the need of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental conditions. The aim has been to promote the students optimum level of independence and quality of life. By maximizing their ability for self - sufficiency in the domains of self care, education, social interaction, work and recreation. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community setting to help generalize learning.

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