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Now on its 13th year, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc., celebrated its Happy Walk with the theme All for Down on February 22, 2015 at Skydome, SM North EDSA. The parade of persons with Down Syndrome and SPED advocates inside the mall raised awareness about the condition. The showcase of talents happened inside the Sky Dome where our very own dance group, ILLC Hunks and Babes
ILLC started the year right with the Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP) Angels Walk, held at the Mall of Asia Arena on January 25, 2015. For this year, the theme of the Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week was, "Autism Inclusive Philippines: Aim High! Fly High!" The theme revolved around inclusion of individuals with autism in the community and most especially in the corporate
As one ILLC family, parents, students, teachers and school staff once again joined hands in the annual fundraising Bingo event which coincided with the other much awaited affair, the post-Valentine’s Ball. It was held last March 6 at the AFPCOC Tejeros Hall in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.The day was filled with excitement and pure fun. Also, many raffle prizes were awarded to lucky players all
One Meralco Foundation (OMF) took the opportunity to honor and thank our teachers, our modern-day heroes, during the culmination of the celebration of National Teachers’ Month in October 2014. OMF, through the efforts of Mrs. Apple Lim, a former ILLC parent, honored the teachers and therapists by distributing postcards as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Each postcard contains a prayer
Employment opportunities for people with special needs is one of the more relevant issues we are facing today. In his report for The World Tonight, the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) reporter Jekki Pascual sought to raise awareness and bring this to the attention of mainstream society. The news feature focused on ILLC’s Job Readiness and Work Placement Program and how these prepare individuals with
Once a year, before the summer heat fades, ILLC holds its annual Rest and Recreation (R and R) activity for its teachers and staff. This year’s R and R was held at the Fontana Leisure Park and Casino in Clark, Pampanga from May 29 – 30, 2014. The teambuilding activity was interesting and exciting because many of the teachers were new. The activity fostered new friendships within the ILLC family.
Before the S.Y. 2014 - 2015 started, the ILLC teachers underwent several trainings and seminars to better equip them for the coming school year. The teachers attended several in-house seminars with relevant topics such as Behavior Modification Techniques (BMT), Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches, Sensory Integration, Clinical Reasoning, Speech and Language Stimulation, and Augmentative and
The Unilab Foundation, Inc. spearheaded Project Inclusion which aims to accommodate and facilitate the employment of persons with intellectual disabilities (PIDs). The DLSU-Center for Business Research and Development research team conducted a series of consultations and collaborations with various special education schools, ILLC included, as well as companies who currently advocate for the
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  • Happy Walk and CanRock 2015
  • A Day with the Angels
  • ILLC PTA Bingo-Bazaar: Year 6
  • One Meralco Foundation Honors ILLC Teachers
  • ANC Goes to ILLC
  • ILLC’s Rest and Recreation with a Twist 2015
  • ILLC’s Continuing Education Series
  • Project Inclusion

Programs and Services

  Functional Basic Education (FBE) This Program is parallel with the MBE except that it is designed mainly for
  Early Intervention Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy These services focus on enhancing skills in the
Transition Education Program   Through classroom and community-based activities, the TEP aims to foster
  Job Readiness Programs (JRP) The JRP aims to teach essential work behaviors and vocational skills. Training is
  Peer Group Program A weekend program that establishes support systems wherein students can freely and
  Training for Professionals Specialized Training packages can be custom made to accommodate the needs of specific
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ILLC Philippines

ILLC Philippines

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We learned about ILLC through our very supportive developmental pediatrician, Dr. Jack Herrin. At first, we were disappointed as we were ideally looking to enroll Enzo in another school closer to our home and also hoped for the good doctor to approve for Enzo to attend traditional schooling. I remember it was already May when we inquired and luckily we were still able to get that last slot. The staff and most especially the teachers are very accommodating. To our surprise, Enzo was able to adjust in as little as two weeks. An ordeal which we thought could take him a month long or even longer. But with the patience, love and understanding of the teachers and interns, he is now able to enjoy going to school. We are especially thrilled that "life skills" are incorporated into their lessons. It is because of this that we, as parents, know we made the right choice. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to T. Fresca, T. Karen, Kuya Rey and the interns for their unwavering patience, support and love to Enzo. We look forward to the next school year and many more years with ILLC.




To give your child the best education is to prepare him for life and that is the best gift I believe I could ever give my son Pablo. As Pablo’s needs were growing and changing, I sought a new school where his needs would be addressed and met. Transferring to ILLC is truly a good decision as I have seen my son adapt to a new environment and respond to the new challenges that he faced in his new school. Being around a group of kids that are like him has truly been good for him as he has learned how to be more sociable and act appropriately in a group setting. I am grateful for all the teachers and administration has done for my son and I can say that we truly feel at home here in ILLC. There is a great sense of community, which can really be felt especially during school events and activities. I look forward to the coming months and years where Pablo would develop and gain more independence and move closer to having an even better quality of life. Cheers to ILLC!


Apart from home, school is the next single most important place in our son’s life. Being diagnosed with ADHD when he was four years old, for us parents, it was difficult to understand and accept but we believe that God has a purpose as He entrusted Hadrick to our care. Attending a regular/traditional school and having OT sessions were challenging for him. The thought that he might lose interest in learning alarmed us. We learned about ILLC through paper advertisement posted outside our gate and without any hesitation, we set an appointment with Mr. David and gladly, we were convinced about what ILLC can offer to Hadrick. Hadrick’s first days in school was filled with enthusiasm and was pretty remarkable. He said he liked his classmates as well as his teachers. He shows eagerness in learning and is attentive and participative during class, most especially during their Pre-Vocational classes. I also observed that Hadrick is beginning to be more knowledgeable in fol lowing written instructions. We are grateful for the unwavering support, dedication and patience of all the wonderful people behind ILLC. Thumbs up to everyone!




Having two special children after our gifted first-born has not always been easy. Mood swings, tantrums and small battles are normal occurrences. Of course, on the brighter side, there are funny moments, unmatchable affection and simple life lessons on what really matters…each one reminding us of how blessed we are as their parents. Finding the right school for our only son (Jolo, with GDD) and our youngest (Luli, with PDD) used to be a big challenge. Jolo went through many schools including ILLC Wack-Wack before. With Luli, we tried a couple of special schools but did not see any significant progress. We also tried to homeschool her, while doing Kumon on the side. And while she was doing better than expected, we felt like the social aspect was lacking. At the urging of a friend, we decided to let her try ILLC last June 2016. In only 8 months, we noticed a dramatic improvement in Luli’s academic performance, social skills, and self-confidence. She now enjoys learning new things, has better self-control in public places, and loves meeting new people. Thanks to her ILLC teachers who tirelessly partner with us to guide and help her prepare for independent living! We’re so excited to see what else ILLC can help Luli achieve in the future!




Darren was only 3 years old when we consulted and received the assessment of the Developmental Pediatrician. I have to admit that we were heartbroken as Darren has development delays showing some form of Autism. We could not accept the findings because he has siblings who do not have this condition. However, we realized that the sooner we accept and start to do something about it, the better it would be for our son. We took Darren to schools that can provide early intervention and therapy as well. We saw a lot of improvement. However, as the years passed by, Darren started to show some hesitations, seemingly embarrassed to go to a SPED school with much younger kids as his classmates. Even though we already know that Darren will not get a degree via regular academic schooling, my wife and I believe that we should still find a way for him to have a means of livelihood or even a career. We initially checked the ILLC website and asked around about the school. Having known and heard a lot of good things about the school, its teachers and administrators and also the achievements of their students, we became very excited with renewed hope and expectations. Darren was interviewed by Sir Archie and the rest was a blessing from God. In less than a year at ILLC, Darren became active in school again, being with students that are closer to his age. At the age of 15, he also learned a lot of new and practical things/tasks that he can do. Even his talent for dancing was pleasantly explored. He is now part of the school’s dance group (Hunks), and represents ILLC in events outside of school, too. All of us in the family are so proud of Darren and his latest achievements. Looking forward to seeing more of the learning and fun activities for Darren, in preparing him to become a better person and a productive member of the community. I am very optimistic because I can see that ILLC has very capable and genuinely caring educators helping my son and all the other students.




The first time the MBE program was explained to me by Teacher Archie, it gave me hope. Finally, a program for my son to get a certification or even a high school diploma! The thought of it made me excited but the experience we have with ILLC is even more exciting. Their Community Living trips like their visit to the dentist or doctor’s office, and to the barber shop/salon helped my son, Zeki, to overcome his fear of going to those places. He would be the first to volunteer in all these activities. Teacher Dan and Teacher Jas would be at his side to cheer him on. Zeki was able to develop friendships with his classmates and this makes me feel like he is a regular child. Their life skills activities like cooking, bathing and even doing laundry gave me confidence that Zeki could live an independent life in the future. I always look forward to major school events like the Foundation Day, Friendship Cup and the Valentine’s Ball. There would always be special performances by the students. As it was the first time I saw Zeki dance with grace and mastery, it made me cry with joy. Our first year in ILLC was memorable and I am looking forward to our next year because I would want to see Zeki unfold further as a person. I am confident that ILLC has programs that would help him reach his full potential and capabilities. Thank you ILLC!




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The Independent Living Learning Centre, established in July 2003, caters to the need of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental conditions. The aim has been to promote the students optimum level of independence and quality of life. By maximizing their ability for self - sufficiency in the domains of self care, education, social interaction, work and recreation. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community setting to help generalize learning.

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