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The ILLC is privileged to be the partner of JCI-Manila inlaunching yet another innovative program for the benefitof speech and communication-impaired individuals. Thefirst of its kind, the Speak Easy Program was formallyoffered in November 2016 and aims to offer appropriateAlternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems to youth with speech limitationsusing low, light and high technology
TOYP Awards, Quebec, Canada, November 4, 2016. For his excellence and voluntary leadership in uplifting humanitythrough a more inclusive society, our very own executive director and founder Prof. Abelardo Apollo I. David, Jr. wasawarded as among the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World! For this remarkable achievement, PhilippinePresident Rodrigo Duterte congratulated Prof. David at the
January 6, 2017. ILLC is very honored to have beenselected by officials from the Department ofEducation, Central Office, Ms. Salvacion Olinares, Ms.Elizabeth Owit and Ms. Trinidad Lagarto as abenchmark on best inclusive and special educationpractices. Among the recommendations given by ILLCwere on appropriate assessment and teachingmodalities to promote inclusion in the school andworkplace. ILLC
2016 ANCA Awards. Vancouver, Canada. Our very ownExecutive Director, Teacher Archie David, was awarded theANCA Community Mentor Merit Award last October 2,2016 at the World Autism Festival. He likewise spoke aboutILLC and Project TEACH, a community-based rehabilitationprogram he co-established with the local government ofMandaluyong City. Moreover, through a benchmarking visitin Vancouver’s
Once again, ILLC participated in a nationwide earthquake drill onJuly 21, 2016. Everyone was familiarized with the sound of theemergency siren which made it easier for them to recognize the signalin the event of fires and earthquakes in school. ILLC’s staff and teachersjoined forces and came up with an emergency response protocol thatensured the smooth facilitation of the simulation. Everyone did
With its desire to offer a more inclusive educational experienceto its students, ILLC has revitalized its partial mainstreamingprograms wherein students from the Modified Education Programare exposed to carefully guided experiences to socialize, play andlearn with their typically developing peers in ILLC’s sister school, theAcademia Progresiva de Manila (APDM). The strategic physicalproximity of
Before the S.Y. 2014 - 2015 started, the ILLC teachers underwent several trainings and seminars to better equip them for the coming school year. The teachers attended several in-house seminars with relevant topics such as Behavior Modification Techniques (BMT), Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches, Sensory Integration, Clinical Reasoning, Speech and Language Stimulation, and Augmentative and
The Unilab Foundation, Inc. spearheaded Project Inclusion which aims to accommodate and facilitate the employment of persons with intellectual disabilities (PIDs). The DLSU-Center for Business Research and Development research team conducted a series of consultations and collaborations with various special education schools, ILLC included, as well as companies who currently advocate for the
  • Speak Easy
  • Prof. David is among the Ten Outstanding Young
  • DepEd Central Office Benchmarks in ILLC
  • Recognition and Ideas from Canada to ILLC
  • ILLC’s Continuing Education Series
  • Project Inclusion

Programs and Services

  Functional Basic Education (FBE) This Program is parallel with the MBE except that it is designed mainly for
  Early Intervention Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy These services focus on enhancing skills in the
Transition Education Program   Through classroom and community-based activities, the TEP aims to foster
  Job Readiness Programs (JRP) The JRP aims to teach essential work behaviors and vocational skills. Training is
  Peer Group Program A weekend program that establishes support systems wherein students can freely and
  Training for Professionals Specialized Training packages can be custom made to accommodate the needs of specific
News and Events

Snippets and Snapshots (4)

In commemoration of the United Nations Day, ILLC held its UN Day Program on October 22, 2008. The theme for this year‘s UN Day festivities was entitled,  "Beyond Boundaries: Moving Towards Unity". The class presentations gave us a taste of what each nation has to offer. Judges declared Valerie Limcaoco as the Best Dressed Female and Mannix Hashim as the Best Dressed Male. In addition, Class A – Egypt won the Best Decorated Class award. The Dance Club performed yet another groovy number depicting various dances from all around the world. Their number surely delighted the students and parents as well! The finale number was led by the Music Club. While they were singing Michael Jackson‘s ―Heal the World,‖ students from the different classes went out of their rooms to form a human chain at the ILLC gardens.

The beginning of the each school year can never be complete without the Parent-Teacher Assembly (PTA). This year‘s PTA held last Sept. 20, 2008 had a two-fold objective. The first and foremost was to foster camaraderie among the parents and teachers, while the second objective was to motivate the parents to become more active in school projects. The assembly started with an ice breaker called Two Truths and a Lie. The game definitely roused hilarious and even naughty bits of trivia from the parents!

Pabitin, Patadyong and Puto. What do these three things have in common? The correct answer is that we all see them during the Linggo ng Wika! Last August 22, ILLC celebrated the Linggo ng Wika with a fiesta! Students and teachers alike came to school wearing Filipiniana costumes from different ethnic tribes and provinces in the Philippines. The next part of the program was the Palarong Pinoy. Selected students had an interpretative dance number as the Music Club led the community in singing the finale song, Paraiso. Like a fiesta, the ILLC Community became one in feasting over pansit, lumpia, barbeque and different kinds of kakanin!

Was it an animal invasion?! A zoo on the loose?! Nope, it was ILLC‘s Foundation Day! Various pets and animals joined the celebration of Independent Living Learning Centre‘s fifth year anniversary on July 18, 2008. After a heartwarming introduction from Mr. Abelardo Apollo I. David, ILLC‘s Executive Director, Dr. Pineda talked about taking care of our pets properly. Then it was time for the pets to take the center stage. There were countless dogs of various breeds, a rabbit, a huge turtle, hamsters and many more animals! All the nominated pets strutted their stuff hoping to cinch an award or two. Special awards were given to the Best Groomed Pet, Best Pet Costume and Most Exotic Pet.


About Us

The Independent Living Learning Centre, established in July 2003, caters to the need of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental conditions. The aim has been to promote the students optimum level of independence and quality of life. By maximizing their ability for self - sufficiency in the domains of self care, education, social interaction, work and recreation. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community setting to help generalize learning.

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