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Beyond Boundaries : UN Day 2008

In commemoration of the United Nations Day, ILLC held its UN Day Program on October 22, 2008. The theme for this year‘s UN Day festivities was entitled,  "Beyond Boundaries: Moving Towards Unity". The class presentations gave us a taste of what each nation has to offer. Judges declared Valerie Limcaoco as the Best Dressed Female and Mannix Hashim as the Best Dressed Male. In addition, Class A – Egypt won the Best Decorated Class award. The Dance Club performed yet another groovy number depicting various dances from all around the world. Their number surely delighted the students and parents as well! The finale number was led by the Music Club. While they were singing Michael Jackson‘s ―Heal the World,‖ students from the different classes went out of their rooms to form a human chain at the ILLC gardens.

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