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A Hopeful and More Proactive Start

The beginning of the each school year can never be complete without the Parent-Teacher Assembly (PTA). This year‘s PTA held last Sept. 20, 2008 had a two-fold objective. The first and foremost was to foster camaraderie among the parents and teachers, while the second objective was to motivate the parents to become more active in school projects. The assembly started with an ice breaker called Two Truths and a Lie. The game definitely roused hilarious and even naughty bits of trivia from the parents!

Towards the end of the assembly, the committees presented two projects: a Bingo social for fundraising, and a Parents‘ Directory for expedited communications. The said projects were both well-received by the attendees of the PTA assembly. The assembly ended on a very optimistic note that this school year‘s PTA would be more proactive and united than before.

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